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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  January 26, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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country. that's our show, i am john stossel. we will be back next week. (applause) captioned by, closed captioning services, inc. >> i am heather childers. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> glad you are with us. topping the news at this hour u.s. tax funder deal gave egypt some of the advanced military technology in america's arsenal. can we trust morsi's young regime with these weapons. >> temperatures plummet to dangerous levels. a winter storm is brewing and we will tell you how long the freezing cold will stick around.
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>> paul ryan coming out swinging setting the stage for a new round of budget battles in president obama's second term. he just wrapped up his speech at the national review institute warning fellow republicans to carefully pick their fight with the democrats or risk being miss cast on divisive issues. >> the way he felt it it's the president and only the president who is trying to fix our bridges to feed our children to care for our seniors to clean our water. frankly, he must be exhausted. i know we are. but we can't get rattled. we won't play the villain in his morality plays. we have to stay united. we have to show that if given
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the chance we can govern. >> molly henneberg is live in washington with more. >> trying to buoy his fellow conservatives. paul ryan said republicans and conservatives will need prudence to deal with president obama's second term. showing voters what the president's agenda looks like wasn't implemented. >> in the president's first term we argued against big government in theory. huz second term we will be arguing against big government in practice. it is no longer a 2,000 page bill now it is 13,000 pages of regulations and it is growing. it is being implemented. the law will restrict our ability to use flexible spending accounts. it will raise taxes on life saving medical devices. >> congressman ryan possibly a presidential contender in 2016 says republicans should be prepared for the president to
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try to quote de legitimize them. but he urged them to quote be smart. >> if we want to promote conservativism we need to use every tool at our disposal. sometimes we have to jeekt the president's proposal. that time might come more than once. sometimes we have to make them better. the president will bait us. he will portray us as cruel and unyielding. >> the white house says the president wants both parties to come together and act for the good of the country. press secretary jay carney said the president believed that quote we need to capri miss not be absolutists but agree the need to act on behalf of the american people should compel us to make reasonable compromise while we stick to our principle. that's the approach he has taken since the end of the white house and approach he will take in the second tex. ryan says he doesn't think republicans are in the political
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wilderness since they control the house and most state legislatures but they need to broaden their appeal. >> mol knee henneberg. thank you very much. >> the second amendment taking center stage activists making their voices heard in a pair of opposing rallies. lawmakers religious leaders and hollywood stars addressed gun control supporters outside of the capital building. nearby a smaller event billed as the rally against gun extraction brought out those fighting to stop tougher firearms laws. >> extreme winter weather gripping much of the country this weekend as arctic air stretches from the midwest to the northeast. the bone chilling weather was actually more than just uncomfortable. it can be down right dangerous with ice and snow accumulating on roads and sidewalks. emergency rooms in westerville ohio they are filling up with
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patients and weather related injuries. mostly slips and falls. >> usual day probably one or two maybe three at most. but today we are probably 10 times that number or more. and with associated significant injuries. >> they canext thing i knew i w the ground. hit my knee and flipped over and hit my hip. the pain was intense. i was laying on my back in the snow for maybe 20 minutes and then a neighbor came out. >> guessing it's a similar situation across the country. i know there are icy sidewalks in new york city. that's where anna kooiman is standing. luckily she is standing not falling right now. what's the latest>> yeah, good grip on the bottom of your boots. temperatures in manhattan hovering in the mid 20s. you can see behind me the digital clock reading 27 degrees. although this part of the country is used to dealing with cold weather it has been a relatively mild winter making it feel even worse. residents are grabbing their
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hats, scarfs, gloves, mittens. they are dealing with temperatures 10-15 degrees below normal for much of the week. department of transportation crews and contractors in new jersey aren't taking any chances monitoring the streets and putting down salt on the state's 13,000 miles of highway to keep people safe. winter storm blew through portions of the mid atlantic and southeast yesterday. droping up to a few muches of snow and ice creating hazardous driving conditions. that state has seen hundreds of car accidents. some folks finding themselves stranded after spinning out and getting a hand from good samaritans. >> there are people in front of us. >> snow is one thing but ice you can't drive in it at all. >> think that's what's on the roadway not knowing there's a coat of ice under it. they might be trying to drive faster than they normally would. >> deep freeze began last weekend before spreading east. when factoring in windchills temperatures plummeted to
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negative 50 degrees. in some parts of the upper midwest and northern new england. you know this arctic air can be deadly for our public population. shelters are popping up all over the region dealing with this arctic air. and the ones already in place are adding beds. the good piece of news out of all of this is next week many forces dealing with arctic air are going to be seeing relief. >> that is something to look forward to. thank you very much anna. appreciate it. justin joins us from accu-weather with more. hopefully you have good news for us. >> buckle up it will be a busy ride. from the great lakes to the northeast snow showers continue. let's jump heyed into early week. coming down the line out of the
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southwest ice storms high the upper west to des moines to madison to chicago. you will have icy problems as well. late sunday in. this is widespread of ice and sleet storm. ice is the worse of the precipitation when it comes to traveling on the roads. you have no traction and it will go eastbound encompassing the i 95 corridor as we move into monday morning. the east as the west cools off but the storm grabbings more active. they will boost their way into the ohio valley. temperatures warming in the 60s and 70s. the warmth will get a break from the cold with ythe warmth will come with the potential of severe weather. active in the south planes. we are protecting the tennessee valley. along interstate 40 nashville, baton ruj, new orleans, all
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looking for potential for dangerous weather. >> you said the additional cold weather moving in later in the week. we will take it. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. >> another top u.s. senator announcing his retirement. democrat tom harkin of iowa will not seek reelection when his term is up saying quote it is time to step aside. he is 73 years old he has been in the senate for nearly 30 years. the announcement coming because harkin has nearly 3 million bucks left in his campaign fund account. he was planning it for another fundraiser next month. he is the third long time senator to announce retirement recently. along with rockefeller and
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chambliss. >> the spotlight in the weekly address. south dakota senator talking about getting finances under control. the need to change government spending habits. >> washing ton is addicted oto spending your money. over the past four years our country added 6 trillion to the national debt. at $16.4 trillion the total debt is larger than our entire economy. we can't add a trillion dollars to the debt every year as we have for the past four years. a major credit rating agency has already downgraded our nation's credit once. if we don't start making real progress on spending freerms more downgrades are likely in the future. >> he went on to say the first priority in congress every year should be coming up with a spending plan. he admits it can be tough at times. but says families have to come up with a budget for their
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household needs and lawmakers should be able to do the same thing. meanwhile president obama using his weekly address to boost support for hid nominee for top government positions. some of them have been getting push backs from capitol hill. who the president tapped to be the next secretary of defense. peter doocy has more from washington. >> president obama's nominee to become the next secretary of state. john kerry was received very well in his confirmation hearing for democrat and republican. >> i commend his nomination to you without reservation. >> he will be a terrific bridge from the hill to the administration. >> senator kerry's support is not expected to dwindle. he is very likely to become the next secretary of state. handy capping the odds for confirmation of president obama's other nominees for important decision is tricky.
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when i nominated him for 2011 i took action to appoint him on my own. >> that appointment expires at the end of this year. president obama renominated him this week. the senator was one of 45 senators opposing his nomination last year. he said until key structural changes are made to ensure accountability and transparency i will continue my opposition to any nominee for director. >> the national security advisor for john brennan to become cia director. chuck hagel to become defense secretary could be bumpy. both men have been making the rounds on capitol hill trying to convince senators they are each capable of filling critical national security posts for the next four years. heather? >> peter doocy reporting from
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washington. thanks, peter. a major set back for president obama. a federal court of appeals ruled he violated the u.s. constitution when he sidestepped congress and used recess appointments to fill positions on the national labor relations board. whi white house press secretary jay carney said there is precedence for the president's actions. >> there are a lot of cases out there with different courts we respectfully but strongly disagree with the decision. it counters 150 years of precedence. >> let's bring in bob kusiak n managing editor. >> evidences not in recess when he made his recess appointment. it was in pro ferm -- pro form
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precedence. if i simply declare by fiat that it is in recess it will be so. you can't do that you are violating the constitution. bit of an embarrassment from a former law professor. >> it is a tough blow. when the senate wasn't passing bills it was technically in session. the court found 3 to 0 that obama violated article two of the constitution. >> both republicans and democrats have done these type of recessed appointments. it goes down to what is a definition of a recess. if you go back to the constitution and that's what the judges did. they said 80 years after the constitution was ratified no president did a recess appointment like obama did. these guys that were appointed no good. >> in fact the chief judge was especially critical of president
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obama saying that he was giving himself, and i will quote here, free reign to appoint his desired nominees any time he pleases whether that time be a weekend or lunch or even when the senate is in session and he is merely displeased with its interaction. this cannot be the law. well, bob, if this were the law the president would then have unchecked unfettered discretion and ability to name anybody to any post at any time whenever he wants. wouldn't that render the constitution advise and consent clause meaningless? >> well that's what republicans are saying this is a victory for the separation of powers clause. they are calling the nrb to step down. the head of the consumer agency was nominated the same way. there is november pending lawsuit on that. this ruling suggests that it may
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be null and void. all of the decisions nrb has made hundreds of them could be voided. that is a problem with the consumer agency, too. this has to go supreme court. this has not been friendly to labor. this could be chaos in terms of how to pick up the pieces from this. >> to push that along the labor board only has one legal member and it needs a quorum of at least three to decide any cases. doesn't it also mean that everything that the nlrb has ruled on is invalid and we were talking about hundreds of decisions everything from collective bargaining agreements to the rights of workers to use social media which was the most recent decision. >> all of those decisions could be thrown at. they have no choice. the cases may be combined and
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they have to weigh in. >> this is a head cake for the administration. >> they can follow that circuit court. bob good to see you. >> thanks. >> violence in celebrations following a judge's ruling in egypt. this the scene as deadly riots broke out in the city of where it all started after a judge sentenced 21 peep to the death penalty for their roles in a massive stalker riot last year. the military moved in to calm the crowds after rioterers tried to storm a prison housing the defendant. family members of those killed in the soccer stadium celebrated word of the death sentences. 74 people you may remember died last february when crowds stormed the field after the game. a fight between the rival fans
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escalated into deadly violence. washington on high alert. new evidence showing north korea may be on the verge of conducting yet another nuclear test. this is satellite image reportedly of a site where nuclear tests have been conducted before. that image shows trucks moving in and around the tunnels and those tunnels being sealed all happening within the past month. thoert korea could mover forward with plans weeks from now. >> protestors using more than just their voices to raise awareness of poverty issues at the world's economic forum in switzerland. three women managed to slip past security and ripped off their shirts to draw attention to their cause. they were part of the ukrainian feminist group. they are angry over the male domination of big business. they also set off pink flares and used body paint to straul the message s.
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they are protesting shirts as well. >> nearly. >> the u.s. sending f-16 fighter ne jets to egypt all part of a deal struck with stormer president must be bar reck. the n -- mubarek. morrissey says it is a sign of support for his regime. what message does this send and why didn't the obama administration pull the plug on all of this? oo it is so bad it could turn into a public health crisis. we have the lathes on new polls for the government to intervene. >> months after an nfl legend's heart wrenching suicide junior s seau's family saying the nfl ignored risks. do they have a case? >> 911 emergency. living with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis
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>> welcome back. one city making a an investment
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in their future. chattanooga putting money into the international grid. they are using this opportunity to try to recuruit some of the best and brightest in the field hoping to make the city a new technology hub. elizabeth bran has more on the story. >> hi lids bette. >> towns and cities are trying to lure in new business to their town. chattanooga, tennessee is using what it already has. >> as other cities struggle to create jobs and prosper they have a plan to grow the economy at the speed of light. >> it is literally a hundred times faster than national average broadband. >> the fastest internet in the nation. it is called a gig. >> that is something no other city has it on the level we have
4:25 pm
it. that is a big recruiting tool. >> withe city is luring new businesses with lots of incentives. the first is a geek move for any person who moves to the city and takes a tax re -- tech related jobs. >> they will get geeks to move to town. >> a so-called geek gets 10,000 for a mortgage down payment and 1200 in moving costs. business leaders host a summer long competition every year called a gig pig. they build or improve business plans using those fast internet speeds. >> an effort to bring entrepreneurs and students to chattanooga. explore the possibility of what do we do with this stuff? >> they relocated to chattanooga. being on the forefront of this
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technology is very exciting. >> reporting live from atlanta. thank you. coming up patriot missiles activated why turkey is getting ready to mocknocks down a possi attack for neighboring syria. >> am getting slammed in the stock market this week. they are still out there. sounds like some may be rethinking their apple obsession. >> everything i use is apple. i have an apple lap top. i have an ipod and iphone. i have the whole family. >> kind of like it's over. i hear that conversation at the gym a lot of people are more about wanting to use the droid. , i'm ensure clear... clear, huh? i'm not juice or fancy water. i've gotine grams of protein. that's three times more than me! [ female announcer ] ensure clear. nine grams protein. zero fat. in blueberry/pomegranate and peach.
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>> it is the bottom of the hour. that means it is time for the
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top of the news. paul ryan warning republicans to stay unified and pick their fight. the former vice presidential candidate laying out his strategy for the gop in a speech in washington today. >> both sides of the gun control issue represented in rival rallies today blocked from each other in washington. activists making their voices heard as they consider new laws regulating firearms. >> the first of 6 nato missile batteries operational along turkey's border with syria. it is violence from civil wars spilled into turkish territory. potentially devastating public crisis unfolding in with a group of utah physicians. they are calling on the state's governor to intervene. live from los angeles covering
4:32 pm
this story. in salt lake city not looking pretty. they are the most polluted in the country from the past month. it is part of a weather condition that is in a choking smog. it is no sense from some of the doctors are calling on the authorities to declare a public health emergency. demanding lawmakers step in and protect the citizens. health repercussions are going to be extremely serious in certain cases. >> some women who are pregnant right now are going to miss carry. some women who are pregnant right now are going to develop preee lafrpgs y-- preeclampsia. >> alarming the seriously sick are at risk of stroke and heart attack. even those who are fit may be irritation from the sinuses. the doctors want lawmakers to
4:33 pm
make intervention including the following reducing limits to 15 miles an hour. it is free with largest places like oil refineries to cut it in that have shut down businesses that burn waste and prohibit wood burning in homes and businesses to endeavour raj commuting. they do say government industry and the public can help reduce it together. >> there is something we can all do. they can drive less, take public transit. meteorologists saying there is cold air that tracks the pollution. the weather has to get warmer before the smoke can disperse. back to you. similar to los angeles the fumes get trapped in sort of a
4:34 pm
bowl up against the mountains. that is almost year-round in l.a. dominique, thank you very much. >> oo poor earnings taking a bite into apple's value. exxon mobil the most valuable company in the worrell. the company is facing possible child labor troubles in china. that's where an agent allegedly forged paperwork for minors. can apple shake off this bad week or is it just the start of bigger worries for the company? dominique is a financial advisor and president of diversified financial consultants. thank you for joining us. >> let's take a look at apple, their sales figures 156.5 billion in sales last year. big company making big profits is apple slow down inevitable.
4:35 pm
is it something we should be concerned about and what does it mean for other american companies? >> the stock was trading around $700 a share and we were talking about whether this was going to be the next thousand dollar per share company. the answer then was highly unlikely. extremely profitable company but the idea that it was going to continue to grow at the phenomenal pace forever almost impossible. >> i took a look at what different analysts were saying i found it interesting. one analyst said if growth if continued at the same pace for another 5 years revenue would have reached $1.2 trillion for example. that's the size of the gross domestic product. nothing to sneeze at. they are concerned apple is losing its ability to keep up with consumer trends or really get ahead of them.
4:36 pm
how can they do that? >> we had very, very smart analysts. it is about the projection of how fast this company can continue to grow how many i pads they can sell how many i pods and new products might be coming on the street and how fast can they grow their revenue. clearly at this point in the game apple has slowed down. they had a phenomenal quarter second best quarter in the entire history. $13 billion in profit but not at the paste analysts were expecti expecting. this company is maturing from a growth company to a value company. as such it is not able to continue to grow at the momentum. it will be a profitable well-known company but not as it did no the past. >> competitors seem to be growing largest competitors samsung reported mrof fitprofit increasing in large part because of the galaxy phone. and cheaper smart phones. is that something apple should
4:37 pm
do? >> we talked about samsung three or four months ago. they had a bullseye on their back so they could sell the products at large margins. cheap competitors come into the market develop a better product at a lower cost. what they are doing is going after the lower end of the spectrum of these phones and mo more important the international market. not everybody can afford a 5, $600 phone. samsung they are taking market shares. >> apple has said they will not reduce lower products to pursue consumers interested at a low price point. >> that's their stand. >> i want to ask you about the possible child labor concerns in chene gn china. how do you think that will effect the stock? >> they are one of the solid companies in trying to do things the right way.
4:38 pm
this is an area in terms of manufacturing they have gone a long way to try to do it the right way. there's always going to be a fly in the oyster. apple thought they had this problem solved they will get on top of it they will hammer it home they will make sure it doesn't happen in the future. they are going to pop up but it's how the company reacts. >> back in september now about 400. time to buy yes or no? >> it's amazing $700 everybody loves it. $400 nobody wants it. i think there's a really solid quality american company. might go a little lower until the market gets used to the fact it's not going to grow as fast but it has to be an attractive price range. >> we appreciate the being here. a community is on edge after a local rape case makes national headlines. we will hear from residents. take a look at where that stands
4:39 pm
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>> the nfl is facing a wrongful death lawsuit from the family of a legendary linebacker junior seau. he killed himself last year. tests later reveal he suffered from a brain disease cte caused by repeated head injuries. the family blamed the league and issued a statement to explain why they filed the suit. let's bring in our legal panel. dick de zigler joins us. vicky, football is a game in
4:44 pm
which they are vl tarrylly participating. it can be violent with collisions. players know that. they willingly engage in tackling and in the law isn't that called assumption of the risk? doesn't it insulate the nfl from liability? >> that's the first thing i would bring up. nobody is forcing them to go on the field. obviously it is mortal combat where you are having physical contact. that's the first argument. second one is who is con trib toerlly neglect? if junior seau had any medical problems he didn't go. they are there during practices to make sure. >> there's an even bigger point of contributor renegligence. give he loved the physicality of the game. he enjoyed tackling opposing
4:45 pm
players. i am not sure you can blame the nfl for that. he is quoted as saying this, if i feel some dizziness, i know that guy the opposing player is feeling double that. there is no such thing as a safe tackle. concussions happen. unless you stop the game entirely you are going to have head injuries aren't you? >> junior is one of the greatest. i am a lifetime charger fan. i follow him forever. you cannot assume the risk for things you don't know about. he assumed the risk for concussions headaches broken bones but he did not assume the risk for chronic traumatic enself lop the. >> it is a phenomenon people have known about and doctors have known about for decades. repeated blows to the head are going to cause problems long-term. >> not alzheimer's like symptoms this disease has.
4:46 pm
here's the problem the nfl has. in 94 they created a commission to look into this. they said yeah there's problems but the multiple concussions aren't like boxes where it is very serious and causes long-term injuries. then in 99 five years later they celted with three different players only one of whom we know. mike webster the former steelers great. one doctor testified in that case his brain injuries were similar to someone who had been in 25,000 car accidents. >> there's a problem here. >> the problem of approximate cause and there are two approximate cause problems here. number one, did violent concussions cause seau's cte and did cte cause seau to kill himself or was it something else? >> very difficult to prove. very good point. this could go on for years. the medical testimony will have to prove a direct cause, a relationship to junior seau's death a self-inflicted wound and
4:47 pm
the nfl having some culpability. that will be difficult. they will also look at causation. >> there is one other thing. we are talking suicide here. that is a voluntary act. it's a choice. to claim that someone or something, the nfl in this case is to blame for causing it, that has always been legally problematic in cases hasn't it? >> here's the thing, it is tough. i will give you that. but there is precedent for it. three years ago former chicago bears great dave doersome committed suicide in the exact same way took a gun put it to his chest and shot and killed himself. cte there are studies does cause suicidal tendencies. >> -- (talking over one another) >> the people who cause suicide are the victims themselves. >> you know what the defense team will do they will look at all of the other factors
4:48 pm
depression, was there drug and alcohol addiction, financial problems. all of these other things attributed to his death. >> we are out of time. good to see you both. thank you. >> good to see you, greg. >> coming up when the muslim brotherhood took over in egypt it raised alarms in the west and israel. why did the u.s. just send cairo four f-16 fighter jets with plans to send even more in the future? is this really the best strategy right now?
4:49 pm
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4:52 pm
>> growing controversy for egypt. they conformed the delivery of f-16 fighter jets bound for cairo. it is part of a deal back in 2010. that was before the country's revolution and the rise to power of the muslim brotherhood. kt mcfarland is a fox news analyst and she joins us with more. thank you juror joining us. >> even president obama said the alliance with the u.s. was solid during hmubarek's reign. the deal had already been
4:53 pm
approved congress could only have been rescinded by president obama. why did he choose to allow it to go through? >> there are three reasons this is a really bad idea. number one, we are having a national debate on guns and we have determined that you don't want to put dangerous weapons in the hands of unstable people. why are we putling it in the hands of unstable country likely egypt right now. it has political and economic chaos. the second reason is we like to get something for when we give foreign aid and foreign military sales. when i worked for henry kissinger it was the beginning of the united states relationship with egypt. we will give you military equipment and aid but we want a peace agreement with israel we want you to keep that. that has kept the peace for 40 years. as you pointed out egypt has maybe reconsidered that. they are calling israel pigs and
4:54 pm
apes and maybe we should reconsider that deal. finally the problem i have with it, what are they going to use this stuff for? are they going to fire them against their own people against egypt or american ships in the sue ez cannell. i think it's a really bad yaide. >> why did the president allow it to go through? is there any guarantee that he would not use the weapons against israel or his own people? >> here is why the administration says they have to go through with it. they signed a deal a couple years ago. they are findly delivering it even though they may have signed it with the previous leader. the second thing is if we don't go ahead and give the equipment to egypt they are going to be mad at us. maybe it will make them more unstable. you can slow walk the first one even if you have an agreement with them. secondly why don't we say one of the conditions is egypt you have
4:55 pm
to say you are going to buy that peace agreement in israel. >> i am sorry i did it again, mohammed morsi and mubarek being the previous leader. we are 15 trillion in debt as well. let's talk about the amount of money that goedz to egypt. in 2012 which provided 1.5 billion in total aid 1.3 billion in military aid financial said finanaid financi. can we continue this kind of support? >> i am all for porn aid. i think it's cheaper to buy friends than kill enemies. but i want something for that money. the other thing to remember is they are on their rope economically. they mid 1.5 billion month to
4:56 pm
get fuel oil and transportation fuel. they are desperate for that kind of assistance. as you pointed out what are we giving money for we are not getting anything next change for it. we need to rethink the whole thing. >> thank you very much. always appreciate it. >> not an issue that will be going away any time soon. >> that's going to do it for us. "the five" begins next. >> we will see you back here tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. eastern. be sure to join us. captioned by, closed captioning services, inc. ( bell rings ) they remind me so much of my grandkids.
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wish i saw mine more often, but they live so far away. i've been thinking about moving in with my daughter and her family. it's been pretty tough since jack passed away. it's a good thing you had life insurance through the colonial penn program. you're right. it was affordable, and we were guaranteed acceptance. guaranteed acceptance? it means you can't be turned down because of your health. you don't have to take a physical or answer any health questions. they don't care about your aches and pains. well, how do you know? did you speak to alex trebek?
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because i have a policy myself. it costs just $9.95 a month per unit. it's perfect for my budget. my rate will never go up. and my coverage will never go down because of my age. affordable coverage and guaranteed acceptance? we should give them a call. do you want to help protect your loved ones from the burden of final expenses? if you're between 50 and 85, you can get quality insurance that does not require any health questions or a medical exam. your rate of $9.95 a month per unit will never increase, and your coverage will never decrease -- that's guaranteed. so join the six million people who have already called about this insurance. whether you're getting new insurance or supplementing what you already have, call now and ask one of their representatives about a plan that meets your needs. so, what are you waiting for? go call now! we'll finish up here.
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